Monday, November 5, 2012

The Privilege of Voting

My cousin posted this on her Facebook page. Our grandpa is 96 years old:
"so tomorrow on Election Day, my grandfather will be casting a vote for president for the 20th time in his life. The first president he ever voted for was FDR. #amazing"

Like many, I don't like all the political commercials, the endless mailers, and the back-and-forth ridiculousness that can occupy Facebook and other social media regarding the election. Overall, I am far too lackadaisical about doing all my homework for all the issues, examining ALL the candidates (not just the two big ones). I get annoyed and feel jaded.

But what a great privilege! We live in a civilized (I know some would disagree, but really?) society, no one is voting for a dictator (I know some would disagree :)), and we can go to vote without worry about being attacked or killed.

Hope everyone who is able is going to vote tomorrow!

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