Monday, December 3, 2012

And Bingo is His Name-O... and Other Preparations for Christmas

We've crossed the line - we're all decorated for Christmas! We took the time today to pull out the stockings, the Christmas tree, the lights for outside, Christmas kitchen towels, the works. The boys are so excited and, for the most part, enjoyed "helping" with all this.

We started a few days before the turn of the month with our version of the Elf on a Shelf. His name is Bingo! We opted for the plush elf doll instead of the typical little doll because the little ones are a little creepy, let's face it. And as much as I admire the creativity of others who are having their elves get into all kinds of fun things, I just don't have the psychic energy for that. So we just leave out a note every morning from Bingo and he gives the boys a clue about where he's hiding. Works just fine and they love it! Tonight Bingo is waiting for the boys in a place where I wish we really *could* have a laundry elf....

The stockings are all hung, and clearly, we need one more stocking holder. I got them at Target before Emmett was around, and they came in a set of 4. This clearly discriminates against families with an odd number of people. Haha. 

We put together the tree, which sounds funny, but it's artificial. It's a step up from a Charlie Brown tree, but we wanted something smaller while the kids were little just in case they destroyed it. We'll get a nicer tree in a few years. Either way, here they are putting it together...

Getting Dean to pitch in was a hard sell. He was so not interested, but we got him in there for a little bit. Meanwhile, Cole was interested in taking over the entire operation. :) We intentionally did this while Emmett was napping. Goodness knows what he would have done to the tree! 

After his brief involvement, Dean decided to create his own fine motor activity by cutting, and then shredding, paper (and yes, he needs tons of help with scissors, but at least he's motivate to use them!):

We used lots of old ornaments from my grandma's Christmas tree, which was a welcome trip down Memory Lane. I really like decorating Christmas trees. And the finished product was certainly worthwhile :) 

Before it got dark, Bob and I decided to tackle the Christmas lights. I have grand illusions of covering the front of the house in lights (not the flashing kind, just the pretty kind), but man, that is a lot of work that I am just not into right now. So we took the lights and wrapped them around all the banisters, only to realize at the end that we'd done them backwards. The plug was on the other side from where the outlet was. We had visions of Clark Griswold and all the disasters with the lights on his house. We had to giggle as we took down, and put back up, our measly 3 strands of lights. 

It seems that Yoda is pleased. 

So that was our day of decorating. Advent calendars, an advent devotional for kids, and maybe some visits to see Santa (or "Sampa," as Emmett calls him) will round out some of our activities this Christmas season. Until then, Emmett will be watching you. HAHA. (Is this picture not hilarious? What is he doing?)


Jack said...

He's telling secrets to his fork. Isn't it obvious?

Kevin said...

No, he is playing a jaw harp like Jean Sheppard was known to do during his radio program.

Kevin said...

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Candice said...

Funny pic.

Our poor Elf is still in the tupperware bin. Guess we should start on that, huh?