Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Break-it-Down

The boys are off from school for 12 days! I'm relieved. I miss seeing them when they're at school all the time and I appreciate having all 3 of them under one roof. So far, we've done a lot of relaxing at home and I appreciate not having to be anywhere on a deadline. Actually, I haven't even left the house today. Haha!

When I was a preschool teacher, I imagined myself one day as a parent having an unlimited repertoire of activities and open-ended explorations that would educate my children at every turn (no, really, that's what I thought I would do!). Then I had kids and became perpetually exhausted. :)

I try not to feel guilty about this. We do creative activities here and there, but absolutely nothing like I imagined. When they are home from school, I want them to be kids and have the unstructured time they need to balance out all the structure at school. Particularly with Dean, who needs extra assistance and instruction pretty much whenever possible, it's hard to let go. But he too, special needs included, is a kid like everyone else and deserves to be a kid. Right???

That said, some old bed sheets and duct tape make for fun:

And the boys made a "stuffed animal party" on Cole's bed: 

Feels like "old times" when they're together. :) 

Today, Bob and I spent a lot of time purging the playroom of toys and reorganizing it to make room for what the boys like to do. They've actually been interested in - wait for it - SITTING DOWN and doing things like coloring, puzzles, and playing with playdough. I'm not sure how it happened, but it's a nice change of pace. :) So we moved the playhouse out: 

and moved our old ginormous coffee table in: 

It's funny that even though Emmett is still not even 2, which seems like forever ago that Cole was that age, their collective age and interests are evolving. So we're trying to get the playroom to keep up! It won't be long before the crazy will take over and I'll start painting and working more on that room, too. :) 

This week, technically before the break started, Emmett and I started going to a cute little music class at a nearby church. I heard about it a year ago and we finally got our act together to go this week. Emmett had a blast: 
That was the parachute that they used for one song, but there was also a scarf, jingle bells, claves, and balls. We definitely have to make this a weekly event. :) 

Other than that, we're prepping for Christmas, the kitchen renovation, and just enjoying being together!

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