Thursday, December 6, 2012

I Get It

I get it now. When you're in the grocery store and someone stops you and tells you that the time you're in right now, this time of having young children, is a really special time.

With Cole starting kindergarten, I feel like the machinery of real-life has started. Our little baby-toddler-preschool bubble has popped and off they go....

I am so happy that Cole and Dean are thriving in school, and I know that Emmett can't wait to go to his own class next year, but I miss them. I wish they were at home with me.

LOOK AT THEM (the last one is my favorite)! I love these kids. I am so happy to be their momma. :)


Kate said...

Beautiful boys. Is Dean tall or is Cole petit or is it a bit of both? They are very cute, regardless. I read your blog regularly as I have a dear friend whose 5 year old has PWS.

Ali Foley Shenk said...

Both! Dean is tall presumably from taking growth hormone. Cole is short like me (Bob is average height).

Glad to have you follow the blog, Kate! I am always so glad to hear about extended family members who take such an interest in their loved one with PWS. :)