Saturday, December 29, 2012

My OO Necklace is Here!

For Christmas, I got an Origami Owl necklace. I posted about OO here when I was thinking about getting one, and now mine came! Here it is. The pictures seriously don't do it justice. GORGEOUS!

I got the 32" oval link chain, the large silver locket with crystals, the large rose-gold "believe" plate, ta crystal dangle, and the following charms: 
*blue awareness ribbon (it says it's for ovarian cancer, but it looks like the color for FPWR, so I'm calling it a PWS awareness ribbon :))
*footprint for the Footprints in the Sand poem, which means a lot to me
*the infinity sign, just for unending love from God and for family
*a flute charm because I play the flute!
*and the birthstone charms for January (Emmett), April (Dean), August (Cole), October (me), and December (Bob)

The cool thing about the Living Lockets is that you can open them and add or take out charms as you wish. It's just so pretty!

If you want to order yours (I get no perks from this, I just like to pass on things that I like!), order from or!

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