Thursday, December 20, 2012

New Kitchen on the Horizon!

I've alluded to it in earlier posts, but a week from today, we will be on our way to a brand-new kitchen! Very exciting! But nerve-wracking as well, as we will be without a working kitchen for about 3 weeks. Eek! Someone tell the children to take it easy on us for the next few weeks, ok?

When we bought the house in April of last year, we knew the kitchen needed work. It was drab and dated and something had to change. Having no plans to renovate the kitchen in the near future, we went for an in-between solution: we (with the help of family!) painted the cabinets, replaced the cabinet hardware, swapped out the ceiling light fixture, and put up some unboring curtains.

So we went from this:

To this: 

Not bad, huh? 

Unfortunately, our solution didn't fix certain things. The cabinets were still forty years old, smelled musty, didn't fit our dinner plates (really), and there was water damage under the sink. The old laminate countertops were still stained, the seaming was coming apart, and let's face it, they were ugly. The floor was still impossible to clean with its crevice-filled surface and it was also still ugly. The lighting was still limited to the chandelier seen above and the range hood light. 

Our kitchen is also very closed off. For the sake of space, light, and room to breathe, we were wanting more of an open-concept feel in the areas of the house that we're in the most: the kitchen, family room, and playroom. Also, we spoke with a lot of other PWS families about the benefits of an open versus a closed kitchen. Some said that it was really important for their family to have a kitchen that itself could be closed off so the temptation and even indirect access to food was restricted. But most said that they had (or wanted) an open plan for their kitchen so they know what was going on in the kitchen as much as possible. We can't know which situation will be better for Dean, but we decided to take a chance on opening it all up. 

So, starting next Wednesday, the wall between the kitchen and family room is coming down. The design will look something like this: 

That's the rough drawing, there will also be new recessed lighting in the ceiling, two pendant lights hanging over the peninsula, and some fun other little touches. We've picked out the 
cabinets (dark sable brown), 
hardware (brushed nickel, some from what we have now and others new), 
granite (new Venetian gold), 
flooring (white oak hardwood to match the rest of the house), 
sink (stainless steel, extra-large, single bowl with new faucet),
new appliances (all stainless steel - thank you, Black Friday deal from Lowe's!),
and... well, we still need to pick out the three stools that will go up against the peninsula. Other than that, I think that's it!

Here are some of my inspiration pins from Pinterest: 

More to come....

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