Monday, December 24, 2012

Reminders on Christmas Eve

We went to a beautiful Christmas Eve service at River Road Presbyterian Church, which reminded us of the miracle of a very big God coming to be with us as a helpless, little baby.  It also reminded us of how much we love our church.

We Skyped with family, which reminded us to be grateful for them and for technology allowing us to connect face-to-face in some fashion even though we're not physically together....

The boys each hugged and said goodbye to Bingo, our family's beloved elf. Of course, there was much reassurance that he would find his way back to the North Pole safely and that he would come again next year. Cole specifically wanted to put Bingo out on the front step so he would be on his way to return to Santa. More than ever, I am grateful that they have such a sense of wonder. They were so excited about elves and Santa and Jesus' birthday (Emmett kept saying: "Baby Jesus born at church!" Haha). This beats any of my own childhood experiences of the anticipation of Christmas, hands down. Watching our boys experience it is just the best.

The presents are now all wrapped, and putting them under the tree, I feel acutely aware of all those who won't be able to provide gifts for their kiddos. We are very thankful for what we can provide for them.

Merry Christmas. :)

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