Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Revisiting a Different Approach

When Dean was a baby and could hardly move or do much of anything, one of the places I went was to the chiropractor who worked on me all throughout the pregnancy (and got rid of my horrible backaches!!). 

When Dean was ever-so-gently adjusted by our chiropractor in MA, his little body seemed to wake up. He would move, make sounds, and interact in ways he ordinarily would not when he was adjusted. 

Then we moved to Charlottesville, VA and saw a great chiropractor there who did adjustments and also some brain balance work that I'd never heard of before. Dean had an imbalance in muscle tone between his left and right sides (left was weaker, something we'd noticed since birth), and after exercises and adjustments from this chiropractor, Dean's PT and doctor independently remarked that he'd gotten much stronger on his left side so as to even out both sides. 

We stopped that for a while and now with all the sinus junk and allergies that Dean has been dealing with, we decided to revisit this approach. I know people have different feelings about chiropractors, and that's fine. Our philosophy is to follow any path for Dean (or the rest of us) that has at least some merit and then we can continue or stop as we see fit. 

This chiropractor adjusted Dean (which he looooooooved... and then asked to do it again :)), and he also did some muscle testing (if you have no clue what I'm talking about, you can read more about it here). I've done muscle testing before when I went to a naturopathic doctor years ago for my allergies. It's controversial. But we thought we'd give it a shot. The results were actually not all that surprising, because most items that came up for Dean to avoid were things that he already didn't like or wasn't eating on his own. Gluten was one, but that's fine because Dean is already gluten-free. The two bummers were bananas and dairy. :/ Dairy didn't surprise me at all because I know that dairy can cause inflammation and I was definitely wondering if that was part of the culprit in Dean's inflamed sinuses/nasal cavities/etc. And then bananas... Dean isn't supposed to have a lot of banana anyway because of the sugar, but he just adores them. We put some of his medications in half a banana because they are pills and there are only so many that we can crush and put in yogurt... oh wait, he's not supposed to have that either. Dairy. Cheese... argh. So, our aims will be to eliminate these items to a reasonable extent and do what we can. We are going to visit the chiropractor again for Dean in two weeks, and next time *I* am getting adjusted, too. I have scoliosis and my back is angry at me right now. Time for some relief!


Anonymous said...

Good news about the chiropractor - whatever works for you - WORKS!

My son has a milk allergy since birth, so I was also dairy free for the year I nursed him. So delicious makes some pretty good coconut milk yogurt and Amande makes some almond milk yogurt that's really fantastic. If Dean likes yogurt, perhaps those might work? (So delicious also makes an almond milk ((protein plus)) that my son would drink all day long if he could he loves it so much.)
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Oh - I forgot that your other son has the nut allergy (peanuts? all nuts?) Sorry - I guess that almond milk would be out. D'oh!

Ali Foley Shenk said...

Well, Dean already does drink almond milk. Cole knows that it's off-limits and he's not interested in drinking anything that resembles milk anyway, so it's no big deal. :) However, I am going to look into the coconut yogurt for sure. The biggest issue is cheese - what do you replace for cheese?

Anonymous said...

Gah, cheese is the worst, right? In my year of dairy free, I discovered that I do a lot better without it as well, but sometimes I just really missed pizza. But the stuff that's out there? It's all gross. I have nightmares about the elmers glue-like film it left on my tongue. My scouring of whole foods came up dry - if you find something, please post about it!!
Good luck - Kerrin

Ali Foley Shenk said...

Yeah, I have tried some of the cheese alternatives before and WOW. Gross. You keep me posted as well if you find something decent!