Monday, January 28, 2013

Be Our Guest

The kitchen is sooooooo close. I've been wanting to show you the pictures, but at this point, I want to wait until it's all done before I unveil the final product. :) I'm also going to give a complete rundown of the details and a review of the company we used, so check back!

This weekend, I went on one of those cleaning/organizing binges where no item was left unturned. The room I mostly tackled was the third bedroom, which used to be Emmett's room. As many purposeless spaces do, it quickly became a dumping ground for miscellaneous wares. When we started remodeling the kitchen, it became a haven for all homeless kitchen items. I'm so glad we had at least one space to devote entirely to the huge displacement of objects!

Now that all our things could be moved back into the kitchen, we decided to clear out the space and make it into what we've hoped to have all along: a guest room! We don't need another play room, it's too closed off for me to use it as an office (extrovert + quiet room in the back of the house = emotional death), and really, we didn't know what else to do with it! So guest room it is.

The room is small, but it has a queen-sized bed and all the regular features of your basic bedroom. For free, you can come stay with us anytime (as long as you have a leave-by date. Kidding. Kind of...). Complimentary wake-up call is between 5:30 and 6:00, unless you're a heavy sleeper, free-WiFi, optional fan for white noise, and we can even put a mint on your pillow if you'd like. :)

I have no clue why the light is so odd in this picture, but you get the general idea. We hope this will function as a guest room for quite some time. Being a 5-person family living essentially in 2 bedrooms is not everyone's ideal, but it's working for now. In the future, we have some other plans for what is currently the playroom/garage as an extra bedroom, but we will see. The boys like sharing a room and it's generally working (although lately, Dean has been climbing into Emmett's crib in the morning), so we're running with it. 

How many bedrooms do you use for yourself/your family? Do you wish you had more bedrooms? Could you do with fewer? And let us know if you're coming into town and need a place to stay!

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Janet Gulley said...

Wow, if Ayden Jane could read she would be in the car heading your way! (she might wait for me)