Thursday, January 10, 2013

More Progress on the Kitchen

The end... is... in sight!

For the last few days, the cabinets have been going in. The installer is a very serious Russian man who is meticulous with his work. I've just tried to stay out of the house since you can feel his brain waves bouncing off the walls. Here's what's going on thus far:

We're trying to figure out the right shade of sagey-green to paint the walls. Granite template is being measured tomorrow, cabinets will be finished, then next week some more coats on the floor, plumbing, electrical, appliances... and we'll be almost 100% by the end of next week! I'm so ready for this to be done. I know it's not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but the house is a mess and having food and kitchen stuff stored everywhere is getting old....

Mad props to anyone who has been to our house since the remodel started and is still friends with us. 

But isn't it funny how the state of your living space affects what's inside you? I feel crazier and more mentally disorganized when my surroundings are likewise crazy and disorganized. Why is this? We are affected by our environment, which in turn encourages us to respond to it. Can't wait to put everything back in its place and feel an artificial sense of control over my life. Haha. 

Meanwhile, I have to say that C, D, & E are handling this incredibly well. They have responded well to all the noises, people coming in and out, and the spatial/logistical challenges of having no kitchen. I'm really proud of them. :) 


Anonymous said...

Sean wonders if the kids are playing ring-around-the-rosy...? (His new favorite thing!) Glad the process is closer to finishing-- I always feel worse when our house gets too crazy disorganized. Sadly for us, it's only somewhat better at best. lol Oh well! Glad the kiddos seem to be doing well!

Ali Foley Shenk said...

They are indeed! The "we all fall down!" Part never seems to get old for them. :)
And I hear ya on the clutter! Our house is really uncluttered, but oh well. :)