Friday, January 25, 2013

The Detailed Imagination

I love learning about each of my boys and their personalities. They're all so different. So far, Emmett's the only one who has cared much about art from a really little age. For Cole, it took a little longer. At his preschool conference when he was 3, his teacher told me that he only liked to come to the art table when there was an edible project involved. :) Now, Cole comes home from school with so many drawings and we're flying through printer paper faster than I ever thought just because he loves to draw. What I love about these drawings is the detail.

He drew this a few weeks ago.

It's a treehouse. That flies (can't you see the wings?). And has walkie-talkies built into it. There were a million other details that he told me about that I can't even remember. There was a whole story related to this flying treehouse, and he fully expected that my dad could help him build it when they visited next ("because Papa can fix everything," Cole said. I gave my dad a heads-up :)). I miss this about teaching, these stories and the details and imagination, so I'm glad to see it in my own kids. 

Today, Cole showed me another picture he drew in school. I'll let you guess which one is him. :) 

I love it. I love that he defines himself as a redhead. We've always told him how special it is that he has red hair (only 2% of the population and dwindling!). Cole and his three friends from his class here all have walkie-talkies (see the theme? They got an awesome spy kit from Aunt Natalie and Uncle Tim for Christmas :)), and see those little lines above their heads? Those are splinters. We laugh because Cole's hair is so coarse that it literally gives splinters. After cleaning up from a haircut, I have gotten a Cole-hair-splinter twice in my foot or finger. He said that his friends thought it was cool that he had "splintery hair" and they wanted it, too. :) 

Would love to hear stories your kids (students or family :)) draw and tell you. If you're on the Facebook page, please post right on the DITW page!


Hills N Valleys said...

Love it!!!

Lisa said...

That is so cute! I see a theme in Ellie's drawings that she brings home from school. Honestly it makes me a little sad because almost all of them she mentions "home". I am going to be home this weekend. "I am going to play at my house, this is my family at our house" etc. A good reminder to just keep life quiet and listen to what our little ones are telling us.

Ali Foley Shenk said...

Lisa, that's so sweet! When I think back to my childhood memories, although we did many fun and different things, my most precious memories are being at home with my family. :)