Thursday, January 31, 2013

To My Two-Year-Old Emmetty

Dear Emmett,
It's your birthday! You're TWO! I can hardly believe it. I look at these pictures of when you were born and the memories seem so far away.
And here you are, a toddler who is just so charming and edible. As you know all too well, I can't help but kiss you and squeeze you and nibble on you. I love that you are so happy and independent. I love your five dimples (who has 5 dimples anyway?). I love how ridiculously much you talk and it's crazy how much of it I can understand. 

Today when we watched TV on the couch together after your nap, all "nuggy" under the blanket, I smelled the head attached to your spiky light brown hairs and just smelled. You don't have a baby smell anymore, but you still smell little. My heart aches for you to stay this little, but it's unfortunately not my decision to make. You're going to get big anyway. 

I told myself that I wouldn't get sentimental about my littlest growing up, but man, it's just so hard not to. I love that you are totally a toddler and love Elmo, Mickey Mouse, Handy Manny, and Doc McStuffins. I love that you know the logos of an alarming number of name brands. You love to make Daddy and I "coffee" in your play kitchen because you see us drinking it all the time. :) You love to appropriate random objects from around the house and pretend play with them. Many days when it's you and I while Cole and Dean are at school and I ask you what you want to do, you just tell me you just want to go home. You love simple activities and being with family.

Today, you wanted to go to the mall for your birthday and play and eat a hot pretzel. Done and done. I loved talking with you and watching you figure out all the people who are wearing glasses or hats or who will say hi to you. I loved following *you* around and learning what was important to you. I'm glad we get to spend some one-on-one time together while you're still this small. 

Happy Birthday, little boy. You have added another wonderful bit of spunk and an exciting dimension to our family. We are so grateful to have you. 


Candice said...

He just seems like he has the biggest personality! Happy birthday Emmett!!

Unknown said...

I can't believe Emmett is two! I swear we were both just pregnant with our little ones!! What a sweet post, Ali!