Sunday, February 24, 2013

An Imperfectly Filled Cup

I took a break from posting for my own desire to relax. I went on a retreat this weekend with ladies from our church, River Road Presbyterian. It was a good turnout, around 45 women, and we were only an hour away in Fredericksburg. The theme of the retreat was "perfectly imperfect." The themes of the main sessions were:

Christ creates us.
Christ calls us.
Christ completes us.

In one exercise, we picked up a cup and a pitcher of water and filled the cup to the level of "full" that we currently felt. Not what we should be, not what we were in relationship to others, but just what we were. I filled my cup between 1/3 and 1/2 full. I'd love to say it would have been more, but many times I'm burning the candle at both ends. The kids, work, taxes (just finished - woot!), stuff around the house, errands... Often, I might feel really full one moment and then underlying exhaustion and stress sucks it out in unexpected bursts.

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What I liked about what happened next was that I didn't hear, 'You should be more full than that. You should have your life in order a little more so that your cup is more filled. You should be trusting God more, because if you did, you'd feel much more full.' 

Instead, there was an acknowledgment of where we all were, an encouragement that it was ok, and an ending illustration of our little cups being poured into a huge bowl of water... and even that little cup making the big bowl overflow. God doesn't need me to be completely full to use me and instead of striving even more to impress God and make myself supposedly more worthy of God's attention, I can be me. I think I feel fuller already....

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