Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring Break Recap

The boys had Spring Break last week and (oddly) through today. They go back tomorrow, and while I am happy that they will be happy back at school, I'm going to miss them! But it gets me excited about the summer when we have more time to do what we want with the day. :)

One of my main goals for Spring Break was to attempt potty training with Dean in a more intentional manner than in our attempt last July. Our babysitter came a lot more than usual to give me a second set of hands to manage everyone and we also started during the weekend so that Bob would be home for the first few days.

I stocked up on an obscene amount of toys from the dollar bin at Target, got some new potty rings, and we were off.

I'm too exhausted for a play-by-play, but what we learned:
-Dean can hold it allllllllll day long (so much for this being a concern)
-he's not always quite sure how to let it go (thank you, low tone)
-he has the routine of it all down pat
and, unfortunately,
-he's terrified to go. :(
We ended up with a lot of power struggles about it and then Dean would get upset and then go in his pants the second someone wasn't paying attention. So the timing just wasn't right. We're not going to fight him and drag this out for an eternity when we could wait until he is ready and have a (maybe? Please?) smoother process. I'm normally pretty persistent, but we knew this was the right thing to do, and I was surprisingly relieved to put a diaper back on him. We'll try again come the summertime.

Easter was great. Tim and Natalie came over the evening before for a sleepover (the boys were freaking out :)) and then my parents joined us all the next day. Can't get enough time with these four.

(Mom, we didn't get a picture of you!)

My mom made an awesome dinner and it was a great day. :) 

We took it pretty easy for the rest of the week, staying close to home a lot (especially before we abandoned ship on potty training), and it was nice. It reminds me so much of why I love our house and our neighborhood. We are quite content where we are! I loved having time for the simple things, like playing airplane on Mommy's legs (I have vivid memories of doing this as a kid):

We saw a petting zoo with some friends: 

Unfortunately, little Emmett came down with the stomach flu Friday night, but he's good now. Not sure at ALL how the rest of us dodged it.... thankfully, he bounced back very quickly.

We also had an opportunity last Monday and today to go to a music class at a nearby church that I usually take just Emmett to. The boys had a great time, especially today as they went clutching their new Toy Story toys from a friend at church: 
(Can I keep them? Please?)

Soaking it in....

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