Monday, May 13, 2013

PWS Awareness Day #13: Wandering/Eloping

Like many people with autism, people with PWS are often prone to wandering or eloping (escaping at night). This obviously causes a lot of issues and concerns about safety at home and at school. Often, families have relationships with local law enforcement to keep everyone in the loop about the wanderer and how to keep him or her safe. There are a variety of ways to deal with this issue. Dean is QUICK and we have problems with him just taking off and/or wandering away from us in a split second. Being largely nonverbal, this is especially concerning. If someone were to find him, it's not like he can say, "my name is Dean and my mom and dad are Ali and Bob Shenk and here's my phone number and address." We have a bracelet that we put on Dean in situations where wandering off would be especially worrisome, and it has our names and phone numbers in it, as well as pertinent medical information for Dean. He doesn't love it, but it's more important that he is safe. People with PWS have died or have been lost for long periods of time as a result of wandering/eloping.

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