Saturday, May 25, 2013

PWS Awareness Day #25: Duplication of the Love Gene

It's hard to figure out what to write a day after learning that an 8-year-old with PWS died from literally eating himself to death. :( So I'm writing about my favorite thing about people with PWS today...

We joke that even though Dean has a deletion on the 15th chromosome, he must have a duplication of the love gene. :) The personalities of people with PWS are varied, yes, but there is a common theme of being so loving and accepting of others. People with PWS tend to have a particular connection with animals and babies, and often have a maternal/paternal-type instincts to protect and care for others.

We have absolutely experienced this with Dean. He is very concerned, even to the point of his own tears, when others are upset. This was even true when he was a baby in the NICU and could hardly move; you would see the concern on his face. Dean loves people so much and hands out dimpled-filled smiles and hugs like they're going out of style. We have to remind him when we go out only to wave and say hi to people we don't know, although many report that a hug from Dean makes their whole day or week. Dean loves his family and experiencing love from him has a special quality to it that I just can't place. I swear he is an angel who has been allowed to spend (hopefully a long) time with us on earth.

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