Saturday, July 6, 2013

We're Back! A Review of Leg 1 of the Trip...

I know, many of you didn't know we were away. I figured that even without having my address on here, it's kind of weird to say, "Hey, we're going away for 8 days, so our house is free game!" So now you know we're back. :)

We had a wonderful, surprisingly *actually relaxing* vacation, starting here in Richmond, VA, and making stops in Pawley's Island, SC; Gainesville, FL; Orlando, FL; Savannah, GA; and back to Richmond! And yes, we drove. And survived. And said even while still in the car that we'd do it again! The price of flying a family of 5, well, I don't need to tell many of you that it's ridiculous. So since driving to see Bob's family in CA is out of the question (we're not *that* crazy), we're going to try to make it work with shorter trips, even like somewhere to Florida. :)

Our first leg was to Pawley's Island, South Carolina, to visit our dear friends the G family. They have a daughter with PWS and you can read more about their adventures on their blog We had a great time playing outside, going to the beach and the pool, and just being able to be with another family who "gets" it and with whom you can be fully yourselves.

Emmett was not a fan of the water, no matter how much we tried to convince him. Much to our surprise - and by that I mean *going against everything I know about this child* - Dean LOVED the ocean. He was purple and shaking and didn't want to get out! He was hooping and hollering and just loved it. Cole did too, although this was not a surprise, and because there was no noticeable undertow, we let him experiment a bit in the waves without being right on top of him. Cole kept running out of the water and would yell, "THIS IS SO COOL!" and then run back in the water. Yes, it's been a long time since he's been to the beach and, now that I think of it, I don't think Dean has been to the beach since he was a tiny baby? Eek!! With Dean's temperature issues, the beach didn't really seem like a great idea, but now that he is older and apparently likes the water, it's great to know that it's a possibility! So fun to watch them explore, as it brought back a lot of my own memories of being a kid and playing on the beach in NJ, CT, and ME.

So great being with the G family. :) 

More on the trip tomorrow, including our visit with Dr. Miller!

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Janet Gulley said...

Love how the pictures make it look like our own private ocean!