Monday, April 18, 2016

Full Circle

I've been thinking lately about how I gave up a great path to a full career in music when I was heading into college and how I've wondered a million times what it would have been like had I pursued that. I'm pretty much someone who lives in the moment, and I don't typically look back and think "what if?" But this has been the one topic I've thought about so many times over the years. Most people who know me now don't even know that that was a part of my life, let alone most of it. 

Toward the end of high school, rather than go full-steam into a music career, I felt a strong calling to go elsewhere, so I trusted that God knew how much I hoped that wasn't the end. The new path led me to Boston College, where I Bob and some of the best friends a girl could find (oh yeah, and got a great education :)). I played here and there in church, friend and family weddings, and other informal gatherings. I'm not sure if it was a lack of maturity or what have you that kept it all in a contained place in my heart, but I hadn't yet arrived at the place music would have in my life in the long run. 

Fast forward to the past year, in which we've had more than a few challenges with the kids and school and I decided in the midst of that that it would be a good idea to address a drinking problem that had gotten well beyond me. God brought it all full circle as I've learned new instruments and have had the amazing privilege of playing both in the band at church and in an offshoot, our band WKNDR. I didn't pick up a full career with the flute again like I thought maybe would happen. God had better plans. Music is medicine and has gotten me through such a tough year. It's therapy for me and hopefully a blessing to others. I'm so very thankful.

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