Need an Editor?

I have been working from home as an editor for about two years, but I have had many experiences editing as part of other jobs since as long as I can remember!

My editing experiences are varied and include:
-copyediting for medical and microbiology print and online journals
-proofreading for documents for court reporters
-editing doctoral dissertations and other undergraduate or graduate papers
-editing PowerPoint presentations for content and format
-copyediting promotional materials and website content

Currently, I have enough regular projects, but if you're looking for a short-term or one-time editing project, let me know! I typically do copyediting or proofreading, and I usually charge by the page. However, we can set up an hourly charge depending on the scope of the work if this is what would work for you!

Email me at acfshenk (at) gmail dot com to inquire about your project!

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